Have you lost your smartphone or are you a victim of theft? Thanks to geolocation, you can locate your cell phone for free, whether it is under Android or iOS.
How to locate an iPhone ?
If you ever want to remotely locate your iPhone, you must first go to the settings of your mobile in the General > Passwords and accounts > iCloud > Locate sections. You can then activate the location of your mobile in the "Locate my iPhone" section. You also have the possibility to activate on your iPhone the automatic sending of its last position to Apple when the battery of the latter reaches a critical level.

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Once you have activated this feature, you can locate your phone for free by logging on to iCloud.com/find. You can also geotag it from the "Locate my iPhone" application to be installed on another Apple device. Thus, you can track your smartphone, delete your personal data remotely or block its use.

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How to locate an Android phone?

If you have an Android smartphone, you can also locate your cell phone for free in case of loss or theft. To do this, you must first activate the location of your mobile.

Go to Settings > General > Google and then to Security. Then simply choose "Locate this device remotely" and select "Allow lock and delete".

To locate your Android phone, you just need to connect to the Device Manager which allows you to manage your Android devices and mobile applications via a single console. This Android manager will allow you to track your smartphone, delete your personal data and also lock it remotely. You will also be able to make it ring, very practical when you don't know where you left it at home and you are alone!

How to locate a cell phone for free with an application?

You can also locate a cell phone for free with a mobile application specially designed for geolocation. There are indeed free applications that will allow you to locate your phone, block it or delete your data. Some paid applications go even further and allow, for example, in case of theft to take pictures of the person in possession of your cell phone.

For Android mobiles, the free application "Where's my Droid" allows you to track your smartphone in case of disappearance and to give you its exact location via Google Maps. This application also allows you to remotely add an access code to secure your Android smartphone or to inform you when another SIM card is inserted in your phone.

For those who have an Apple smartphone, you need to download the free "Locate my iPhone" application on another Apple device. This application allows you to find your iPhone even if it is not turned on. You also have the possibility to block it with this application in order to prevent someone from using it or to erase your personal data remotely.